What happens if I haven’t lodged my 2019 Tax Return?

For Income tax purposes, the Australian income year ends on 30 June. As an individual, you have from 1 July to 31 October to lodge your tax return for the previous income year. If you fail to [...]

What is the difference between a tax accountant and a tax agent?

There are many different people that can help you prepare your tax return but only a tax agent can lodge your tax return to the ATO. So what are the differences between a tax agent and an [...]

How much tax do I pay?

The amount of tax you pay depends on the salary you earn each financial year. It also depends on where you are an Australian resident, foreign resident or working holidaymaker. Australian tax [...]

Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax for Rental Properties

What is Negative gearing? Negative gearing involves borrowing money to buy an income producing asset, such as a rental property, when the asset won’t be able to produce enough income to [...]

All you need to know about the Medicare Levy

The Medicare levy is a 2% tax on your taxable Income – Most Australians pay this levy. The Government uses this money to help fund the Public Health System and each time you visit your local GP [...]

Claim your tax deduction for your asset costing up to $30,000

Contact Tax Warehouse to claim your tax deduction for your asset costing up to $30,000. Tax Warehouse specialises in tax for Small Business, especially for the following business structures: Sole [...]

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